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Morgan Kenwood Advisors work with clients one-on-one. Our use of industry specific tools combined with our technical analysis enable us to develop strategies and recommendations. We then craft solutions and a portfolio to fit your personality and risk temperament. Areas of expertise sought after are:

  • Personal Consultation
    • Analyze current financial status
    • Create a financial roadmap - Goal identification
    • Evaluate your money personality profile
  • Financial Planning
    • Create and review on scheduled basis
    • Analyze current investments
    • Assess risk tolerance through profiling
    • Perform portfolio overlap analysis
  • Recommend strategies to achieve goals
    • Make initial investment recommendations
    • Incorporate proper diversification through asset allocation via risk profiling
    • Integrate recommendations
      • Employer sponsored plans [401(k), 403(b), 457, SEP, etc.]
      • IRAs [Traditional, Roth and Rollover)
    • Assess use of mutual funds, stocks and other investment options
    • Rebalance accounts on scheduled basis
  • Assess financial profile and plan for unexpected risks
    • Analyze health insurance status
    • Evaluate disability insurance needs and status
    • Analyze life insurance needs and status
    • Evaluate Long Term Care insurance needs and status
    • Assess specialty insurance needs and status (personal liability, professional, fiduciary)

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